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When it comes to appliance repair service, Van Nuys Appliance Repair Co knows that a home isn’t a home when its appliances aren’t running smoothly. When you need fast, reliable and affordable repairs in Los Angeles, Van Nuys Appliance Repair Co is only a phone call.

Whether the problem is your dishwasher, water heater, refrigerator, kitchen stove, air conditioning or washing machine, Van Nuys Appliance Repair Co has experts in the field of any major appliance in your home, and they’re all waiting to save you time and money. So for a friendly, low-cost appliance repairs in Los Angeles, Van Nuys Appliance Repair Co is a name you can trust. Washer & dryer repairs are included in our expertises.

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Keeping your home appliances in top condition costs money, and when they aren’t working, it costs even more. A refrigeration repair can mean spoiled food and a washing machine on the fritz can mean money spent at a laundromat. Van Nuys Appliance Repair Co is a company you can rely on because we understand the emotional and Los Angeles that can come with ineffective appliances, and that’s why we make appliance repair cheap and accessible. We make the repairs easy on your wallet without sacrificing the quality of service that we’re known for.

Quality washer & dryer repairs are available at (818) 210-4536.

Need of refrigerator services?Our customer service representatives are kind and will work, upon your schedule to reach a result, that satisfies your needs. A knowledgeable, friendly repair technician will arrive at your home and not only provide you with the prompt, quality repairs that make us so reputable in the industry, but he will give you the informational resources you need to keep your appliances running at their maximum potential for as long as possible. Saving you money and keeping your home appliances in shape is what Van Nuys Appliance Repair Co is here for, and that’s a guarantee we make with pride in. We’re homeowners too, and we know how hard it can be to find a reliable company that won’t break your bank. Once that you found us now you can’t miss to give us a chance to prove you all that.

Thank you for making the right diagnosis on our washing machine. The squealing is gone and the clothes are drier after spinning. I also appreciate the fast ... Read more reviews

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We provide five star refrigerator services

Top quality appliance and refrigerator repair service.

Refrigeration repair can be a difficult thing to deal with for any family. If you find yourself in this tough spot, we at Van Nuys Appliance Repair Co are here to help. Our qualified technicians will gladly come to you to evaluate your refrigerator service needs. Because we are located in Los Angeles, we can provide perfect on the spot service to anyone within the region.

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Family budgets are often pushed to the limit today. With unemployment rates high, and gas and food prices on the rise, stretching the dollar is an important goal for most families. The last thing a family needs is an unexpected washing machine breakdown. There are some alternatives for families to consider. Refrigerators generally are built to last for a decent amount of time, so repairs can bring back to life most of the machines. While many people think of washer & dryer repairs as an expensive problem, it need not be costly, some machines, in fact, can be repaired rather easily and fairly inexpensively. With today’s tough economic climate more people, to repair their refrigerator, than to buy a new one. This can be quite cost saving and can add years of life to many machines. At Van Nuys Appliance Repair Co, we take pride in helping people save money.

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